Cool these things could be a life saver, I have several broken clips on perfectly good cables.

@roipoussiere@mastodon.tetaneutral.net It's not something new, you've been able to buy "RJ45 repair kits" for years on aliexpress and other sites, but great to see someone made a well thought out design that you can 3D print yourself.

@roipoussiere Having printed and used some, I can confirm they work, but only when the face of the socket is flush with the case of the product. When it's too far inside, like on old Macbooks, it doesn't work at all

@roipoussiere I used to crack that tab from RJ45 cables lol, sometimes they are hard to take off.

It’s only useful at routers/switches interfaces, not for computer interface.

If you have a static computer/console, then you won’t move the cable while in use. If you have a laptop on a desk, then you won’t move the cable while in use. If you use your laptop at bed or some moving side, then use WiFi instead

@roipoussiere anyone in Switzerland! lmk if you need one, i'd be happy to print and ship it to you :blobcataww:

@nekomata I don't need it now, but thank you so much for the proposal! :blobcatheart:

ranty, humor (sort of) 

@crakdown @roipoussiere

If I ever think for a moment that I could catch up to my 40 years of not speaking French anymore, "top"- is that an adjective in French now?

Why not put it in verlan and then it can be "pot"... then it can be even harder to understand....

ranty, humor (sort of) 

@emacsen @roipoussiere Sorry to say what I think about this object in my mother tongue.
Yes "top" is a common word today and people who often speak French will understand this.
I dont't understand why I must write "pot" instead of "top" but why not.

C'est vraiment pot 😍

Have a good day

ranty, humor (sort of) 

@crakdown @roipoussiere

You may not be aware, but I'm Parisian, I just don't have virtually any French anymore. I'm very non-fluent :(

I was joking that if French has verlan, and French is borrowing English words (though in an odd way) and I know that Verlan-of-English words is a thing, why not make it even more confusing :)

Top (as used there) is not English, nor is "Pressing" or other "words in English" that appear in French.

@roipoussiere @rick
You can also look for "DeLOCK 86420" for example in your favorite Amazon if printing is not an option

@roipoussiere that's spectacular but how the hell am I supposed to print it? that thing doesn't have one face that can be layed flat without overhangs.

usually this problem is handled by the 3d printer firmware by adding some plastic supports.

@roipoussiere you are both correct and that support material gives me panic attacks.

@tastytentacles Why? 🤔
This is easily removable with a screwdriver.
It's because of plastic waste?

@roipoussiere IDK there is no clearance on either side of the support material in that cavity so it's going to have to be cleaned up with a knife. plus I am pretty sure if I tried removing that support material with a screwdriver I would break the part and cut my fingers. and finally I am not sure this isn't a side effect of the angle it was photographed, but it looks like it's been printed at a slight angle. my printer would not manage this. even with support material that would make the bridging really sloppy.

@roipoussiere I printed 3 in the end, couldn't get either of the stock parts to detach from support material without breaking but the third was one I modified to print without support material and that printed ok. still tinkering with it because the one that actually printed works fine but could still be cleaner.

@roipoussiere I printed and used it.
It stucks on the port. Very hard to pull out... 😢

@devnull @roipoussiere
24 minutes to print, then test with an ethernet cable and the network adapter of the Wii.

@roipoussiere excellent, now I have a legitimate reason to buy a 3d printer!

@roipoussiere might be cheaper to get a new cable than print. how much is it to 3d print this, ballpark? I don't have a printer

@vera this is a very tiny platic part, you could easily print a dozen in a single 3d printer plate. So probably a few cents in plastic and energy consumption.

Why I hate standarts: Part 802.11

If the cable wasn't standardized, this issue would have been fixed LONG time ago.

@LukeAlmighty not-standardized network cables would probably have been a nightmare for sysadmins. 🤔

Spoons aren't standardized either, and all if them serve the function too.

@roipoussiere wanted to try from metal but the laser cutter at the fablab doesn't do metal…

I would pay someone with a 3D printer to print me a bag of these.

@roipoussiere Why isn't this a product already? We have so many useless plastic thingies. But something useful as this? Of course not!

@attilakinali @roipoussiere You can in fact buy these things: search for "rj45 replacement clip", "rj45 repair clip", or (in German) "rj45 rastnasen".

@roipoussiere omg. I did not know I was missing this in my life for the past two decades in IT

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