Farnell: this connector is cheaper if you order 25 or more
Me: ok, I'll order 25 to simplify your logistics

I sent an email to my insurance company asking (in this format):

"- is it possible to do X?
- what documents do you need?
- how much does it cost?"

The reply:

"yes, it's possible to do X"

Any idea what cause people to not see the text of emails past the first question mark? Software or human problem?

Today discovery: the "turbo encabulator" is older than I thought, there are several versions in video from several companies, and the oldest versions dating as far back as 1944 are in text form instead.
Making it something like a pre-internet copypasta? (and I also discovered the word "faxlore" for things that went viral by distribution through faxmachines).

I may use the turbo encabulator text as an alternative to lorem ipsum if I ever need that…

Oh, someone on bitbucket already ported atfblast to newer systems, let's see if the parallel port on one of my newer machines actually work, that would simplify my workflow quite a bit here!

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After several uninstall/reinstall of directio somehow it started working again… my chips are programmed! Now letws solder them on the board and hope I didn't make any stupid mistakes!

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Still trying to get this to work… added a led to my programmer to have some feedback. Led never blinks. Tried to use directio test app and it told me my trial period had expired, but after uninstalling/reinstalling it works again for 30 days. Then with the test app I can blink my led, but still not with the atfblast software…

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Also it seems the webpage I had downloaded it from is now offline. There's a copy on github, but I hope the author is doing ok… (he hlped me debug the device when I built it)

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Ideally I should just port atfblast to Haiku. It's opensource but it's written in pure win16 C code and do I really want to learn enough about that to even understand this sourcecode?

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That is apparently not enough because the server used for activation is not online anymore? But maybe I can get around that by changing the value of the timer for the trial period in regedit and then removing write access to it so no one can change it again?

Anyway, now I tried to launch the PAL programming software but it needs DirectIO to access the parallel port, and my trial has expired so now I'd need to pay 30$ to keep using it…

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So in case anyone needs to do this: WinKeyFinder needs .net framework 4.0. Witoout .net framework installed it crashes with a cryptic error message (did the engineers who put "this program cannot be run in DOS mode" in Windows executable retire?). Only a|ter installing .net framework 1.0 it runs enough to tell you which âersion it needs…

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Trying to activate Windows XP on an old machine that I use to program PAL chips. Itws "amazing" how much nothing works anymore with IE6. I guess because of enforcing https and modern versions of TLS.
So any software I need, I have to download on my phone first and then reshare with the computer…

Bon j'ai une vieille boîte mail wanadoo.fr qui s'est vraissemblablement faite pirater. Je reçois des tentatives de réinitialisation de mots de passe pour divers services (uber, humble bundle, …)
Je voulais changer le mot de passe mais je ne peux le faire que depuis la ligne internet orange associée. Ça attendra que je visite mes parents…

In French typography rules we put a space before the ':' character. But in Gitlab, the combination ' :', when typed in a textbox, pops up the emoji editor. Very annoying if you try to write French text in Gitlab.

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CAR Hoare on bounds checking for arrays and such

Ttoday I discovered the English word "teleplay", which is like a screenplay, but for television (technically not a screen). I appreciate the pedantry of whoever created this word where "screenplay" would have worked just fine, and by doing so gave tribute to the inventor of "screenplay", who could very well have used "stageplay" which is the word used for theater, but movies aren't acted on a stage.
In French we have only one word for all of these :(

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t.me/ukrainenowenglish/18896 🚲 The Netherlands will donate 2,000 bicycles to Ukraine. They will be sent to doctors, social workers, and volunteers who help the population in the de-occupied territories. This is reported by the Stichting Zeilen van Vrijheid Foundation. Some of the bicycles will be taken from the city storage of forgotten bicycles in Amsterdam, and some will be purchased by the foundation specifically for Ukraine. (More) #Ukraine #News #War #Russia

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So I rebased the 4 year old patch from the ticket and it does not improve the situation a lot. But it's a bit easier to debug this way (only 4 threads instead of a few hundreds). It looks like the image decoding tasks in the workqueue are not reliably run. Probably something wrong with the Haiku implementation of RunLoop. I think it will handle only one task, then stop, instead of handling all pending tasks in the queue.

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Who decided to make WTF::numberOfCores() return 1 if it can't detect the number of CPU cores?
Who decided to use numberOfCores() - 1 or numberOfCores() / 2 (rounding down) to decide how many threads to run for their work queues?
Are single-core machines not a thing anymore?

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