For all you parents out there.
(Dinosaur comics about having a child and the adventure of raising a child but also picking the child up and going on an adventure)

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As I get ready to move again, this time to another hemisphere, I've picked up Rolf Potts' Vagabonding again. The advice is timeless whether you're traveling or not.

Find a bit of freedom wherever you are.

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#Introduction Hello everyone, I'm a biologist and in the next months I'll start a new path into planetary science, and my focus will be on astrobiology and human space exploration. I'm interested in #scicomm and #scifi, and I read heaps of Italian literature. I'll talk about #biology and #space, more or less. I've just started a blog here: where l'll write in English and Italian.

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Hello. It’s my third day and I should do a proper #introduction.

I’m Gabe from Australia. I design solutions for a living but I don’t want to talk about work here.

I’m going to post mostly about my other interests such as RPGs, drawing, TV and movies.

I draw fantasy & sci-fi stuff that’s related to RPGs usually. I’ll be posting my drawings here, old & new.

Here is an older drawing for a #MeetTheArtist challenge on Instagram in 2020. It’s still applicable.

#mastoart #fediart

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The curb cut effect: for example, media descriptions right here on Mastodon help people who use screen readers, but they are also useful for explaining the joke for people who don’t get it, for translations of text, and for copy-pasting what would otherwise be just an image of text.

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📢 Nextcloud Hub 24 is here!

🙋 User migration
🔒 Smart file locking
🚀 4x lower DB load
💬 Reactions & media tab in Talk
😍 Reply to calls & messages in Desktop client
📩 Undo send & schedule emails
📝 Tables, infoboxes & more in Text & Collectives!

Hey! If you listen to Democracy Now! and like what they do, there's a special going on now where donations are tripled.

If you've got a buck or two to spare, now's not a bad time to give them some cash considering the clusterfucks we need good reporting on.

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Found this on Reddit, but sums it up quite well.

Pic says: forced birth in a country with the highest maternal mortality rate, no paid maternity leave, no universal,subsidized child care, no continued birth parent care, and frequently inaccessible mental health care.

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Happy May Day!
Down with the exploitation within academia and the normalization of precarity.

You deserve stability and care. 💜

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@Framasoft nous explique pourquoi le choix d'un réseau social comme #facebook ou #twitter ou #mastodon embarque un choix de société porté par cet outil numérique sur lequel vous passez les précieuses minutes de votre vie.
#privacy #opensource

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Started #reading this, and *gosh* it’s good. Only 11% in, but it already feels like the best thing Becky Chambers has written. She manages to conjure an entire world with the first sentence of the book.

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To everyone who's signed up recently or reactivated the account, please know that the very fact that you're _here_ is energizing & motivating -- to nurture and grow the web as a free, open, not-for-profit, people-owned space that's safe and inclusive for everyone.

Please stay a while.

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