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🚀 Une description du service d'hébergement de capsules est aussi disponible en français.


Voilà, plus besoin de maîtriser la langue de Shakespeare pour créer sa capsule Gemini !

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capsules hosted on can be viewed through 3 protocols : gemini, http and, now, https !

🚀 gemini://

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Here we go ! 🚀, your home in constellation, is officially open !

You want to create a gemini capsule, but do not want to manage a server?

You're welcome ! proposes gemini capsules hosting (for free), accessible through sftp.

Just send me, in a private message, your desired pseudo and your ssh pub key.

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Lagrange v1.13: Curses TUI, Spartan, Emoji

Thanks @jk
this version is awesome !
Spartan support, curses TUI, Markdown rendering...

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Bonjour !
Je n'ai pas encore fait de présentation. 35 ans, lyonnaise depuis 11 ans mais bretonne de ❤️, on y redéménage avec mon conjoint et notre première cet été, à #Plouguerneau (29). Un n°2 naîtra peu après notre arrivée 😀.
Nos objectifs : retaper une vieille maison en mode #bioclimatique, pourquoi pas en #habitatparticipatif, vivre une vie 100% cycliste, s'intégrer pleinement sur notre territoire. Pêcher des crevettes.
Intérêts #DIY #lowtech #vélo #communs #collectif #réparation

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Thanks to @adele, my #Gemini Website is up and running at gemini:// So far, I am enjoying it. It looks perfect for writers because all you have to do is concentrate on the text. However, right now, visibility can be an issue.

#fedihelp, can I use emojis on my Gemini website? Any special consideration? Also, is there a good tutorial on styling?

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Question to #Codeberg users: since all Codeberg software and infra code is open source, does that mean anyone can run a "Codeberg" of their own? Has anyone tried it? Am thinking of self-hosting Gitea, but will prefer Codeberg-Gitea because of extra features.

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I can sleep well because I have working backups. My laptop could be destroyed, I would not lose any data. Home may burn, same.

If you can't say the same, you should seriously think about doing backups, it's important when your world is digital.

Please, stop telling Markdown is bad because there is no Markdown standard. There is one ! It is and already used by many important actors (Discourse, GitHub, GitLab, Reddit, Qt, StackOverflow, StackExchange, Swift...)

Almost all Markdown parsers and renderers are able to manage its specs

Why text/markdown mime type is not rendered by web browsers ?

It would be so easy to make a web site

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"The plain text Internet is coming."

I can't help but think this headline is a bit overblown at this stage, but hey, I'd welcome it!

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Let's talk about open source software :flan_cheer:

Feel free to share 3 (or less) cases where you think an open source program is greater than proprietary alternatives.

It would be cool to also share what it's used for if it's not really popular, and also why it's better than the proprietary alternative

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@kensanata I don't think the web is for people anymore. It's just for bots creating web pages that other bots look at in order for the first to generate ad revenue.

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« La joie sera de courte durée pour certains, car Proton se servira d’Electron pour fournir une application multiplateforme. »

"Proton confirme qu’une application « desktop » est en travaux"

I've just seen someone that I haven't seen without a mask yet. More than one year I see him almost daily. I'm disappointed, I expected to a more beautiful person 😐
I had certainly idealised him.

Very good night... it hasn't happened for a long time.

I think about Marina Ovsiannikova, this courageous Russian journalist who warns Russian population about war and lies.
Now, she is in jail.

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Maybe rss can make a comeback if we link to them with little bell icons

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I have no shortwave radio, which model is a good compromise to stay informed in case of emergency?
Not too expensive but I can trust

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