The fediverse today trying to explain to newcomers where they are.

@roipoussiere me to, every time I explain this in a bar to strangers 😅

Hey welcome here! 👋
Does that help you? 🙂

@roipoussiere @Perrin_Cam hey thanks! Just read the first few bits and that’s pretty interesting. I’ll read more tomorrow.

I think the fediverse feels complicated at first for many people because the way internet works is not taught at school, so your feeling is pretty legit. 🙂

Welcome here btw! Here is a nice article if you feel lost:

@roipoussiere the red string represents federation you see which is the process by which different instances (here represented by "the mail") deliver content such as toots (which-

wait no come back im not done

@roipoussiere Sadly true. If I try to explain content federation before coffee ... yeah, that's me.

@roipoussiere Get in the ship, sweetie! Get in the god damn ship! Everything's Pepe Silvia, the whole planet is Pepe Silvia! Go, go, go!

Is this an actual dialog in the movie? I didn't watch it. 😁

@roipoussiere Oh, this is the scene in the show:

I mashed the dialogue up with a scene from a cartoon when they visit a weird planet but the original is unbeatable.

@motte somewhere on the red line in the image. 😁
More seriously, if you feel lost, this can help you:

@roipoussiere The wonder is there are any new users at all tbh. New people, you're all champs for putting up with us xD

@roipoussiere This is how it feels on the newbie side of things as well haha
*struggles to understand any of this*

@roipoussiere When a picture paints a thousand words... or admin thoughts 😆

@roipoussiere Est-ce que les étoiles sont équivalentes aux coeurs sur Twitter ? Si oui, pourquoi les gens ont-ils l'air plus avares ? Si non, alors ça équivaut à quoi ? 😭

Bonjour @RedWalloon, bienvenue !
Oui effectivement c'est comparable.
Je ne pense pas que les gens sont spécialement plus avares en fav ici que sur Twitter, en revanche :
- il y a moins de monde ici donc à priori moins de gens qui vont fav ;
- l'algorithme de référencement ne met pas spécifiquement en avant les pouets qui ont beaucoup de fav ;
- le nombre d'étoiles que tu vois sous un pouet qui n'est pas sur ton instance n'est pas forcément à jour, du au fait que ce média social est décentralisé.

@roipoussiere i’ve been using mastodon for the past five months and still not knowing how it works

@roipoussiere I get it. I’m trying, but being both this old AND a newbie is so hard!

Everyone trying something new are both a newbie and a courageous person! 🙂

Welcome here @DrRonda!

You can read this guide here that gives some explanations about Mastodon and the fediverse:

You can also introduce yourself with the tag , in this way other people here will notice your arrival. 🙂

Hello @MineHerrjeh and welcome here !
Indeed it can be difficult to understand at the beginning. I suggest you to read this article that explains how Mastodon and the fediverse works:
Have a nice day! 🙂

@roipoussiere thank you (all of you) very much for your warm welcome! It's getting better and better every day. There are some habbits from Twitter wich are not useful here for sure, but I guess I will learn to avoid them too 😊
I'm curious about the other new users. Is it only a thing in Germany to start at Mastodon after the news of musk buying Twitter, or is this a phenomen everywhere?

@MineHerrjeh As an administrator of a french instance, I can say that many new users arrived the days after Twitter acquisition, so it's not only in Germany. 🙂
And yes the fediverse has its own habits and is not used the same way people use Twitter or Facebook.
I hope you will enjoy you social interactions here anyway.

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