I think I will block this mailbox provider on my personal mail server... with an autoresponse explaining why
Thank you for this new argument


@randomdent Is it indeed the case ? It's been awhile I needed one, but I never noticed that. So, if we want to keep attachments, we have to download them manually ? And notify Google about that fact....

@jpfox Yeah, I am really thinking about the same. But I would like to provide an alternative way for people to drop me their mail (i.e. a self hosted forum, or so), but I didn't find "the good alternative", quite light to install and easy to use as an alt mailbox for senders.

that's true, it's necessary to provide an alternative way to keep a communication channel.
Generally, I already add some of them in my mail signature : riot/matrix address, mastodon and diaspora account, and my blog address which has a contact form.

@r3vlibre @jpfox

It seems this holds true for bigger files. Yes, a separate download is necessary to save those attachments.

I don't use it, but somebody with a gmail was sending me files and only later when I needed to check an old attachment I realized these files are not in my mailbox as attachments but links to an online file preview on Google (drive?). In this preview one should click an extra download button to save.

I hate it.

@randomdent @r3vlibre @jpfox I mean, it's actually a good idea to propose replacing a 1GB video file with a link to some place instead of attaching it, but it should be a suggestion, not imposed on users depending on hardcoded and undocumented size limits.

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