I am now hosting a Gerrit instance at
Setting this up was reasonably easy, the gerrit-installer projet allows creating .deb packages very easily, and then it just runs!
I wanted to serve it through lighttpd and Gerrit doesn't provide a sample config for it, so had to spend some time on that:
- /etc/gerrit/gerrit.config: set canonical url to https://whatever/path. Set listenurl to proxy-https://*:81/path (the path must match between the two)

- lighttpd conf: use mod_proxy, match the url path (again, same as in gerrit config). you need to enable proxy.forwarded options: host, for, proto and remote_user. Possibly also need to set the Host header using setenv.add-request-header

I am currently allowing Google and Github as Oauth providers, is there a non-GAFA one I can add as well? Who provides that kind of service?

Now I can start migrating some projects off Github!

Correction: you should not set the host header this way, it confuses everything by adding the host a second time to the host header:
Breaks at least wget, netsurf and webpositive, but works in vivaldi!

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