If you can't fix it, you don't own it.
Cisco is making it more difficult to upgrade second-hand hardware.

@mherrb what a shocking twist, not at all like Cisco 😱

@mherrb Won't make much difference for businesses that depend on cloud services anyway - but coming from the old word of ownership and support contracts, Smart Licensing[tm] is a horror.
Cisco can turn off your whole on-prem infrastructure by revoking licenses (even if you don't live in Iran or other embargoed countries). Cisco Meraki products are even worse (entirely cloud-managed).

@mherrb At work, we're currently almost exclusively on Cisco UCS compute systems - but as soon as that platform gets forced on Smart Licensing too, I'll pull all my weight to switch to a differen vendor, even if it means we'll end up with more complexity in our setup.

@usul @mherrb Improbable. Customers have been opposing the Smart Licensing scheme and implementation for a long time, with little to no effect. It's also the only option for virtualized systems (like ASAv).

We've been phasing out Cisco systems mainly for software quality reasons (which is still ok in their UCS division), but Smart Licensing and their general pricing system are other drivers. A vendor where like 75% discount on list prices are the norm is just ridiculous...

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