For all you parents out there.
(Dinosaur comics about having a child and the adventure of raising a child but also picking the child up and going on an adventure)

Found this on Reddit, but sums it up quite well.

Pic says: forced birth in a country with the highest maternal mortality rate, no paid maternity leave, no universal,subsidized child care, no continued birth parent care, and frequently inaccessible mental health care.

Setup retropie on an old rpi. Then my wife comes in and says: give kid1 a turn.

Was thinking about how simple it would be to just use Google Calendar and then saw this on the mastodon blog (I'll boost right after):

My kid just got her first COVID shot. And now she’s practicing her reading while we wait for the bus back home. Another great day in the southwest of France.

As we approach Black Friday, here's a little infographic to help you better understand your urge to spend.

Arbéost. A wonderful little village in the Pyrenees. I used to spend most of my summers as a child here. Here’s the view from my window.

The amazing disconnect between jobless claim numbers and the stock market.

Mike Judge just put this up on the bird site this and I love it so much!

What is happening? Is this real life?

"Onstage in a furry cotton candy-colored bear suit, former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin high-kicked and fist-pumped as she rapped: “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”

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