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gonna try to get all these Comptia certifications so I can have a descent job one day


Usenet is full of trumpie scum, the lest should invade usenet and post revolutionary propaganda on all the forums.

Spoiler: The Last house on the Left 

The original 'last house on the left' kinda fuckin sucked ass.

I mean yeah the r*pe is unsettling of course (good job Wes) but the antagonists are cartoon character villians and the sound track makes it rediculous and destroys any suspensful vibe. 1/5 starz.

how many alts are you allowed to have on mast before people think you're a serial killer?

we started with just coffee and vitamins, then we started bringing socks and other hygiene items, warm clothes, etc. we have the resources now to do hot lunches for around 120 people every distribution. it's not solving the housing crisis or ending hunger but it does mean a lot of people are better nourished, warmer, safer, and more connected. i'm bragging here bc my friends have done most of the work, and because i want to emphasize that doing something is way better than doing nothing

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the lesson i have learned from spending a couple years running a free store twice a month is: you should try running a free store

Columbine, Nazi Rhetoric, slurs 

Reminder that the Columbine killers were white supremacists and everyone acts like they didn't fucking know. They knew. They just covered it up.

oh it's "your" SQL huh? i don't see your fuckin name on it

the GDP has absolutely no relation to the living standards of anyone anywhere but its a great way to measure how much richer rich people are getting

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a vending machine is simply an authoritarian fridge

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