tried to talk to some leftbookers about joining mast, it didn't go well, god those people suck

reminder that theres a gun company literally called Umbrella Corporation that uses the logo from resident evil

BREAKING | Bolivia's President #EvoMorales has resigned after the senior army chiefs called asked him to resign, weeks of right-wing unrest and violence against his election victory on Oct. 20.

naming my left fist Terms and my right fist Conditions

top 3 lightweight linux distros:
Frugal Install- EasyOS, from the creator of puppy, the bleeding edge of frugality, supports encryption, easily boots from EFI.
Live USB -- Puppy Linux, great app selection, customizable, works great from usb, allows full encrypted persistance.
Full Installation: SliTaz, super lightwieght at only 50mb, works great with less than 1gb of ram, great community. Cons: no encryption, takes some fidlin
Best Overall: Puppy Linux - it does it all, and well


My system was unbootable for a while because i REFUSED to have such a counter intuitive partition layout, deleted the Lenovo 'recovery' bullshit, expanded the ESP to 500mb so I coudl fit EasyOS on that motha, then created custom 'recovery' part, but now my shits all funky, like sda2 appears after sda4 (C) shit pisses me off

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fucking dipshit Windows 10 installs the EFI partition on sda2 what a fucking asshole


need win10 for work, tried dual booting, remeber XFS can't shrink, so I back up filesystem with XFSdump, then repartition, then Winblows doesn't let me install unless "clean install" so I have to install windows 10 first before shrinking C drive and restoring with xfsrestore... long arduous journey took a few days to get back had to manually boot from the grub menu, thank god for linux live USB's.


i saw joker tonight - it truly did say alot about our society, and there was also some rising up. It's as if they based the movie on the meme. 6/10

Shops should just give out free stuff and make a patreon to cover the cost.

Anyway, it's extremely cool the way that we increasingly socialize on platforms that permanently record our words, and also it's incredibly dangerous to write down anything that your employer could use as an excuse to fire you. It rules to live in a panopticon administered by the most cruel and venal people our society can produce

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