“Republicans successfully challenged the inclusion of a $35 price cap on insulin”

Fucking bastards

But there was one problem the 386 couldn't solve, because it wasn't a technical problem. That problem was IBM.

IBM had bet BIG on the 286. To sell the 286-based PC/AT, it had promised its customers that the 286 was the future of the PC. And these were customers who were used to IBM standing by its promises not just for years, but for DECADES.

There were Fortune 500 corporations which had built their entire computing infrastructure around the AT. They did that because IBM had promised them that the AT was their ticket into the future, into the world where PCs could multitask like a UNIX workstation.

But it wasn't, and the release of the 386 underlined that. Developers rushed to write software for the 386, because it offered all the 286's benefits (and more!) without the 286's dumb limitations. And that was all software that IBM's customers couldn't run, because they were saddled with their 286-based ATs.

This meant that IBM was, effectively, lashed to the mast of the 286. They couldn't just let it go and move on to the obviously better 386 the way the clone makers could, because if they did, their customers would revolt. They had to live with the 286.

In 1987, IBM released its successor to the PC/AT, the PS/2. PS/2 models were released in a range of form factors. If you wanted a server, or a gigantic tower that cost $8,000 in 1987 dollars (more than $21,000, in today's money), you could get a PS/2 with a 386 in it.

But if you just wanted a desktop workstation? The best PS/2 you could get came with a 286.

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finally recoverd pw to this account, nice to see the people I followed are still actively mostly, need to redo the aesthetic here kinda cringe

imagine going to ur therapist appointment but then it's just the Eric Andre Show

Eliot Ness busting bootleggers when suddenly he has a Predator to deal with too.

#RedHat may no longer support old-style #CentOS #Linux, but other groups have forked #CentOS and now they're offering technical support. This now includes CIQ offering support services for #RockyLinux.

Capitalism doesn’t give you Covid vaccines. Capitalism gives you Covid variants we could prevent were it not for vaccine patents. Every death from a variant we could have prevented by abolishing vaccine patents rests squarely on the shoulders of the same pharmaceutical companies we celebrate for saving lives in wealthy countries that can afford their wares. But wealth won’t protect us from vaccine-resistant variants if we don’t end this disgusting display of colossal greed and shortsightedness.

tried to talk to some leftbookers about joining mast, it didn't go well, god those people suck

just beat Cave Story, great game, if you don't like it fuck you

Death Road to Canada is truly one of the greatest games ever made.

naming my left fist Terms and my right fist Conditions

top 3 lightweight linux distros:
Frugal Install- EasyOS, from the creator of puppy, the bleeding edge of frugality, supports encryption, easily boots from EFI.
Live USB -- Puppy Linux, great app selection, customizable, works great from usb, allows full encrypted persistance.
Full Installation: SliTaz, super lightwieght at only 50mb, works great with less than 1gb of ram, great community. Cons: no encryption, takes some fidlin
Best Overall: Puppy Linux - it does it all, and well

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