darktable is now in feature-freeze state for version 3.4 planned for Christmas day. Translators can now take over (for supported languages, see github.com/darktable-org/darkt - only German and French have 99% complete translations).

It has been a truly crazy month. So much work… Stay tuned for more news.

There is one person trying to work full time on @darktable - @aurelienpierre - let's get his liberapay over $200/week!

We only need 17 people to pledge one euro/week to get there!


#LivingWage #FOSS #FullTimeDevs #photography #darktable #darktablefr

Dear users, a glorious patch submitted in June to make the masking and blending fully scene-referred-compliant (and unbounded) is currently being reviewed for merging in #darktable 3.4.

We would like to take this opportunity to declutter and remove the output masking parameter, which nobody seems to use. Does anyone has a case to make against this ?

PR : github.com/darktable-org/darkt

The clipping alert in #darktable use to be a bit misleading, showing any RGB channel of any pixel out of the [0.1 ; 98] % range. Indeed, such clipped pixels could be the result of overexposure and/or oversaturation, and many users overreacted to this (pic. 1).

We introduce 2 new clipping modes: luminance (for pixels too bright/dark - pic. 2) and saturation (for pixels oversaturated for their luminance, aka out of gamut - pic. 3).

These will make diagnostics more relevant.

#darktable 3.4 will let you define exports size directly in pixels (as in 3.2 and before) but also from the physical printing size × printing DPI.

Long-asked feature…

Les gens qui clôturent leur expression d'opinion par « ce n'est que mon avis » ou « ça n'engage que moi », est-ce que c'est une tentative de fausse modestie pour paraître sympa ou vous avez vraiment cru que les autres risquaient de confondre votre opinion avec une parole d'évangile ?

Inventing a new view to explain filmic curve as a scene -> display range mapping zone by zone for next . It should make it easier to get.

darktable 3.2.1 est sorti

Elle est annoncé : github.com/darktable-org/darkt

Vous pouvez avoir la traduction en ligne avec votre navigateur Internet. Les liens vers le téléchargement des versions Windows et IOs sont en fin d'article.

Les articles de présentation sur darktable.org et linuxfr.org devrait paraître rapidement.


#darktable #darktablefr #photographie

2017 : analog photographers are like "A digital capture doesn’t require anywhere near the skill-set of transparency film" [1]

2018 : T. Sobotka, G. Espertino, myself and others hammer that gamut escapes, yellow sunsets and halos around edges are inadmissible but no fatality if you retouch in proper color spaces. Remains to learn.

2020 : digital photographers are like "Kodak Portra is so much easier and nicer than having to deal with digital color management".


[1] b0d61a1c10e192e7b138-f7b74ca7e

It took me only 2 hours to synchonize again a Blackberry OS 10 with Google accounts after changing password.

Joyeuse fête du nationalisme pas cher, du défonçage de Champs-Élysées, du cramage gratuit de pétrole pour se souvenir de l'homicide d'un roi en chantant un hymne glorifiant le meurtre dans un pays où l'insurrection a été interdite en 1993 et où manifester pour tes droits finit à l'hôpital grâce aux chiens de garde du capital.
Honte d'être français.

Hey geeks, if you are bored, I have a project for you : create a social network for books & papers, for people to share and maintain lists of stuff read or to read in the future, index bibliographies for later use, with critics, reviews, cross references, genres and themes, and BibTeX/DOI integration when applicable.

Abandon du projet de loi visant à rendre non identifiables les forces de l'ordre

Proposition de loi punissant de 15000 € la diffusion d'image de policiers et militaires dans l'exercice de leurs fonctions (soumise le 26 mai 2020) : assemblee-nationale.fr/dyn/15/

Bah oui, enfin, laissons les tabasser sans conséquences.

Whenever I read an opensource coding monkey getting all excited about Lab, CYMK or HSL for image processing. (Picture by Darix)

I would like people to understand that is difficult, and so is , because color is very unintuitive and does not agree with light .

Anyone saying otherwise has something to sell or has someone doing the heavy lifting for them.

The only remaining question is "is it worth it, for you, to learn this difficult craft ?".

I can't answer for you, but know this : as any art or craft learning, it will be hard and you will need courage.

Ooops. I did it again. Backported filmic v4 colour science to the channel mixer and added a more accurate white balance adjustment in it, with gamut mapping options, so you get all your camera colour calibration in one place to start a clean editing pipeline :

So, the owners of these Linux/FOSS news websites loaded with GAFAM and ads trackers & cookies, who are they ? What's their deal ? How do they sleep at night ? What do they see when they look at themselves in a mirror ?
I'm interested.

filmic v4 is on the way, with a new highlights reconstruction/blurring feature operating in RGB wavelets space : github.com/darktable-org/darkt
Make your digital image organic and poetic with film-inspired color science.

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