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#gemini #smolzine 3rd issue is out :)

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#Lagrange v1.5 is now available with several UI improvements.

- improved identity management
- multi-line text input
- query response length indicator
- animated sidebars and dialogs
- custom fallback font
- Gempub navigation


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@jpfox Merci.

Pour être un média indépendant, il faut l'être sur tous les plans, rédactionnel et technique.
Nous allons maintenant faire en sorte que toutes nos publications donnent lieu à un pouet systématique. Je vais automatiser cela via l'API en veillant à ne pas vous noyer non plus.

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Ok, inspired by @jk and his Lagrange project, I finished hacking together my small but functional #Gemini server in #crystal _^ It's very basic right now, but it's a start! No CGI or anything yet, so it just serves static files, and will attempt to detect mime types as it does. I'll expand it to be more feature-full soon.

Yes ! now tinylog apps on permits more social interactions by filtering mentions for example

I've added two lines under my title to precise my preferences for social tools and interactions :

author: @adele
avatar: 🐘

I don't know if lace could parse them to filter "mentions" if some use @adele in their own tinylog. And to fix which emoji I prefer to be used as avatar ??

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I'm having a click around #gemini space and OMG it is so fast to load pages!

This leads me to conclude:
the WWW is very bloated and we're just used to stuff taking time to load even with fast connections and computers

or (probably "and")

Gemini and Lagrange are just very fast

All web browser are crappy. When I crawl the web, I don't feel safe despite ad blockers and other band-aids that I don't consider safer.

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Dear Gemininauts, some where from #GeminiSpace. Besides your #gemini #capsule and #gemlog, are you ready for writing a #tinylog?
Please write your tinylogs links in reply, or write what make you to don’t write ones.

Remember about gemini:// (@adele easy tinylogs hosting service) and #Lace (smallest and coolest tinylogs aggregator bash script - by @uoou).

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@adele Your feed is added to my Lace aggregator.
Anyone else is writing a #tinylog?

Now, members can post on their directly via browser, subscribe to other tinylogs and view an aggregated timeline.

gemini:// (reserved to members)

(I will publish source code soon, easy to install, it's a package of script called as cgi by gemserv or other servers managing cgi)

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C'est bon ! mon site web est maintenant un miroir de ma capsule Gemini, merci @adele pour ergol-http :)
Et j'en ai profité pour mettre un article sur la procédure pour mettre ergol-http en place avec un serveur Nginx :

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I've created a simple tool to check if a #gemini capsule is up or not. This is my first #golang program and first #gemini related code:

A gemlog about it:

The idea is basically like for gemini capsules.

Any feedback appreciated, both on features and code :).

Oui, ça utile juste le fichier de config ergol.json
Mais pas très dur de le créer

That's it, has abandoned the Ergol server in favour of Gemserv.
This gives members access to a application to publish on their directly from their gemini browser at

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