Source of cockpit is available

It permits to hosted members to manage their capsule, tinylog edition, tinylog subscriptions...

Yes ! now tinylog apps on permits more social interactions by filtering mentions for example

I've added two lines under my title to precise my preferences for social tools and interactions :

author: @adele
avatar: 🐘

I don't know if lace could parse them to filter "mentions" if some use @adele in their own tinylog. And to fix which emoji I prefer to be used as avatar ??

Now, members can post on their directly via browser, subscribe to other tinylogs and view an aggregated timeline.

gemini:// (reserved to members)

(I will publish source code soon, easy to install, it's a package of script called as cgi by gemserv or other servers managing cgi)

That's it, has abandoned the Ergol server in favour of Gemserv.
This gives members access to a application to publish on their directly from their gemini browser at

Voilà, c'est fait, a abandonné le serveur Ergol au profit de Gemserv.
Cela permet de donner un accès aux membres à une application pour publier sur leur directement depuis leur navigateur gemini depuis l'adresse

🚀 Hey, I test my new tinylog online editor !

Soon available for all gemini:// members 😊

Future project : write an online tinylog aggregator, like "lace" command line aggregator (but in gemini browser) gemini://

🚀 Une description du service d'hébergement de capsules est aussi disponible en français.


Voilà, plus besoin de maîtriser la langue de Shakespeare pour créer sa capsule Gemini !

capsules hosted on can be viewed through 3 protocols : gemini, http and, now, https !

🚀 gemini://

Here we go ! 🚀, your home in constellation, is officially open !

You want to create a gemini capsule, but do not want to manage a server?

You're welcome ! proposes gemini capsules hosting (for free), accessible through sftp.

Just send me, in a private message, your desired pseudo and your ssh pub key.


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