Yes ! now tinylog apps on permits more social interactions by filtering mentions for example

Now, members can post on their directly via browser, subscribe to other tinylogs and view an aggregated timeline.

gemini:// (reserved to members)

(I will publish source code soon, easy to install, it's a package of script called as cgi by gemserv or other servers managing cgi)

That's it, has abandoned the Ergol server in favour of Gemserv.
This gives members access to a application to publish on their directly from their gemini browser at

Voilà, c'est fait, a abandonné le serveur Ergol au profit de Gemserv.
Cela permet de donner un accès aux membres à une application pour publier sur leur directement depuis leur navigateur gemini depuis l'adresse

🚀 Hey, I test my new tinylog online editor !

Soon available for all gemini:// members 😊

Future project : write an online tinylog aggregator, like "lace" command line aggregator (but in gemini browser) gemini://


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