🕞 Do you wear a watch on your wrist?

You can join a photo of yours and explain your choice in comments

@adele quite un-remarkable one, I think. But with a red wristband.
Now knowing what time it is is not a reason to look at my phone. It's nice to not look at my pqone and enjoy life in tqe realworld sometimes.

@adele I’m using #Seiko5 automatic watch. It’s more convenient to look at wrist than put hand into the pocket for mobile. Automatic watches are also mechanic which is nice to look.

@szczezuja yes, automatic watches are really wonderful mechanical devices. I have no watch, but if I would have one, it would be an automatic one.

@adele @szczezuja I have a number of watches and a Seiko automatic is one of my favorites :-). I mainly wear one of the few Pebble watches I have or the Seiko but I have also have an epaper one called the Watchy and a Pinetime that I wear and play around with occasionally.

@kelbot @adele @szczezuja
I also have an automatic watch, a legacy from my father. But it must be revised by a watchmaker. The button used for setting up the hour doesn't work 😔

I do not wear it every day, only on weekend or when I'm working with clients

@adele yes I wear a watch on my wrist and the reason is that I am gay

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