Why have I not already discovered @joplinapp

This notes taking application :
- is a free software
- run on GNU/Linux and Android (and others)
- is on f-droid
- sync through Nextcloud (or others)
- support markdown
- import any URL to note with the magic pipeline markdonwnr (also on f-droid )

beautiful; thanks for the suggestion. Definitely going to make use of this :)

@encelado @adele @joplinapp I've used this for many schoolnotes and I must say it is very solid!


If you're into self-hosting, you might want to check out Joplin server.

it integrates better and allows for cool things like note sharing (on the internet or with other Joplin users).


C'est effectivement très pratique mais malheureusement pas dans les paquets Debian...

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