Why text/markdown mime type is not rendered by web browsers ?

It would be so easy to make a web site

@adele Markdown is difficult to use as a source format because there are many inconsistencies and subtle complexities within it. It's possible, but is it ideal?

Gemini establishing a strict subset was very helpful. Maybe a rigid spec for a new format that's somewhere between gemtext and Markdown would be useful.

@josias @adele both true. And you don't have consistent or standardized markdown. It's even a pain to try to cross-site warkdown post content.

@josias you can do mess with , but you can also follow a well-known standard which is

I'm low-key working on a subset of markdown with only the easiest to implement parts. Few things are set in stone yet, but embedded HTML is Verboten and it should be compatible with commonmark.

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