Hi @jk
I have a question about emojis in Lagrange: why don't you use a more complete font file for render emojis ?
Many of them are missing.
Twemoji ttf is available also in monochromatic

@adele Hmm, there is a monochrome version of Twemoji? I couldn't find such a version, do you have a direct link for me?

Color fonts are currently not used because 1) the font library I use doesn't support color, and 2) I want the symbols to match the page color theme.

Note that in v1.5 there is a new setting where you can specify any .ttf file on your system for drawing missing glyphs.

@jk I put the path to my local twemoji.ttf in preferences of Lagrange but it doesn't change anything.
Here is the font I use :
It comes from
which grab font in Fedora package :

@adele This twemoji.ttf is unfortunately in a format that is not supported by my font library (or even macOS), so I can't use it.

Inspection with a font tool shows that this is a color bitmap font (CBDT). That would explain why it isn't showing up, as only vector fonts are supported in Lagrange.

@adele @jk The font can perhaps be converted from a format to another one, using a software like Fontforge.
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