It's certainly a stupid question, but maybe…
On GNU/Linux, is there a way to display an image on a machine without X server installed (I mean something better than libcaca).
Or if not possible, temporary launching an X server with a simple image viewer which stop when closing this viewer 🤔


I would like to test to work only with a terminal, but sometime, you need to see an image

There are some alternatives for seeing images in TUI, such as viu and fim.

@olamundo yes, cool, fim works on local tty and viu is useful thru ssh !

ImageMagick is coming to my mind, but in fact I don't know if an X server is necessary.

@adele ... also, maybe this can be of interest to you: w3m is a text-mode browser that can also display images on the console framebuffer... elinks too, if I remember correctly... mplayer can play movies on the console framebuffer...

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