Hi @antonio I struggle a long time to understand why my date parser return a post on June 7th in your nanolog gemini:// ... and I've finally found:
You have a post on "Mon Jun 1 2021 15:35 PDT" and my parser return "2021-06-07 22:35:00 GMT"... in fact Jun 1 was a Tuesday and not a Monday and parser searched next Monday 🤪
Sometime, we do not look for the right thing ! ^^

@bortzmeyer @adele I should have it automated via a script. The issue is that I add the posts manually and therefore they are prone to errors.

@adele oh 😮 I will fix it. Thanks. I know why I made the mistake. Monday here was a holiday so Tuesday felt like Monday. I got the month day right but the week day wrong. Thanks for pointing out. And sorry for the trouble

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