Hey, users, have a look on tinylog.gmi 🤩

@uoou and her/his friends have a good idea. And lace script is cool to aggregate several tinylog !

My tinylog :

lace script :

Don't forget to put an emoji (just one) in your root favicon.txt file. several tools use it now.

@adele @uoou I'll use a backslash – just to see if something blows up over at uoou's =)

@anjune @adele You've already blown it up with your sub-headings-within-logs and your dots-at-the-bottom. Goddamn individualists.

( ❤️ )

@anjune and I'm going to add a special sed line *just* for your dots.

@uoou But I can't promise they won't be a wavy line next time! :(

@anjune I call this *The Anjune Contingency*:

sed -r '/^·+$/d'

@bortzmeyer @adele You have to enable it in the config:

emoji_favicons = true

I do know that I had some 51 errors on favicon.txt in my logs before adding them to my capsules. But I do not really like the idea, I prefer how lagrange does it.
@adele @uoou
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